On the mundane, and the outlandish. With a gross photo below.

What do people even write about when they post every day?

For breakfast I had a rosemary olive oil bagel with two packets of cream cheese. For lunch, two helpings of left-overs from dinner last night.

Someone said something rude to me the other day.

I stubbed my toe.

I gave away $20 to a man who might have been lying about his misfortune, and it didn’t make me feel good the way being a good person usually does.

I spent a lot of money on my credit card.

I put off writing anything new, again.

I made calls, and avoided some.

Thought thoughts, said things that I admired myself for, and other things I came to regret.

That shit’s boring. To me it’s something, but to you, who the hell knows. I don’t have any more pictorial tours up my sleeve. I’ve got to get on that, maybe.

In  Sherlock Holmes Jude Law said “…down the rabbit hole…” a phrase that I thought was being used out of historical context, which bummed me out. But the movie took place about thirty years later than Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. While doing some research about when the phrase entered popular culture, Merriam-Webster claims that it wasn’t used until 1980, even though Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was written in 1865. This has to be bullshit, right? Should I write to them? I can’t find any other documentation about the history of the phrase.

I don’t want another Super America situation:

2011 is probably going to be the best year yet. Truth.

But seriously, I submitted a story to a Glimmer Train contest. I was pretty excited about it until I noticed, after I submitted it, of course, that there was a typo.

I had a pretty good idea for a non-fiction book, but whether I have it in me to do all that research on top of how busy I already am, who knows. Does anyone even want to read about Houdini or psychic mediums anymore?


One response to “On the mundane, and the outlandish. With a gross photo below.

  1. nnylF rehpotsirhC

    um , yes. I totally would love to read more about Houdini. Furthermore, I should like to read more, ( much more), regarding the Fox Sisters, Franz Mesmer, Patience Worth, just the spiritualist movement in general. Just thought you might like to know……

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