I’m a cutter

I shouldn’t be posting. Instead, I should be dreaming about ways to get sleepy. Once sleepy, I should crawl into bed and have lovely, non-work-related dreams about eerie paths, and mysterious strangers with wild animals in their pockets.

However, I’m not tired, and I see that I haven’t posted in a month. I’m a terrible personal blogger. Who has the time?
Maybe I do. But maybe I spend that time napping, or playing video games, or watching Grey’s Anatomy. There. I said it. I’m a really busy lady, and when I’m not I like to do terrible, time wasting things. It’s the worst. I mean, it’s the bestworst. Laziness is a drug. A perfect drug.

I’ve got an awesome TV, a sleep inducing couch, and more video game systems than one should be allowed to have. I spend all of my free time rotating between these three things, tracing for myself a magnetic triangle to disappear in. Amealethargic Earhart. That’s me.

Here’s the worst part about it: for years I’ve been growing a collection of amazing books to collage with. And what are they doing? Sitting half cut-up and getting eaten by silverfish.

Last year a woman from Edina sold me her collection of 1967 Encyclopedia Britannica. The pictures inside are few, but really wonderful when found.

Last month MCAD was giving away their bound periodicals. I made off with some Vanity Fair, GQ, and Esquire editions from the 80’s and 90’s.

I found Lifespan Development, and the book of flowers on the street. Separately.

The Childcraft series is a pretty common find in thrift stores, and is comprised of illustrations and stories.

That Big Book was my grandmothers. I’m almost ashamed to say that I’ve cut it up. But the pieces sliced from that book have always been the most dear, and most rare. Saved for special occasions.

Creating Clear Images is a composition and grammar book given to me by my dear friend. It’s from the 1950’s and the photos are fucking hilarious.

A Pictoral History of Horror Movies and the Dracula Scrapbook are things that should never end. I wish that every snippet that I took out of either of those books would just grow back immediately so I could re-use it.

I bought seven issues of Popular Science from 1976 on eBay for $35.00, and it was totally worth it.

This is my new favorite.

I used to use them all to make covers for tapes, or CDs. But, ever since I got rid of my tape to tape, and my disk drive has been broken I haven’ t had occasion to decorate anything. Even my card making has dwindled in favor of silly postcards acquired from the nickel bin at Steeple People.

I spent some time a little while ago organizing all of my collaging supplies, thinking that once everything was in place I could suddenly find the drive, and time, and level of comfort needed to sit down and fucking collage my brains out.

It was no use.
Do you ever watch Hoarders and say to yourself: Holy shit!
Yeah. This is how it starts. I’ve got to make SOMETHING awesome with all of this shit before winter is over or else I have to get rid of it all. Every bit of it.
Maybe that’s drastic. But it can’t just keep sitting around like this. I’ll keep you up to date.
Also, (as always) this has nothing to do with the above post.

2 responses to “I’m a cutter

  1. A mouse caught on a sticky trap? Be still my heart. I love sticky traps. They do make the most interesting mouse collages, don’t they? Some hay, a bit of stolen stale cheerios (used for clicker training), might have dragged some twine onto the trap, and of course, a mouse, or if I am lucky, two, three, four if they are babies.

    Then the application of Maxwell’s silver hammer puts them to their eternal rest.

  2. Oh man, you reminded me of my craft stack in the closet. I thought I was making progress because I found a space for all of it to hide. But it’s still there and I need to bust it out and do something with it. Taco zine?

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