I’m tired of taking pictures of dead things

I guess. I don’t know.

Every day I pass the dead body of this squirrel. Every day his carcass becomes more dry, and leathery looking. Eventually, in time, he’ll become one of those dark, black spots on the greying road. No one notices. I only notice because his resting spot lies at the part of my bike ride home when I become bored of the ride, and ready to be home, and I look down at the road, while breathing deeply, mustering the final bits of energy to make it home.

There’s a dead bird on the sidewalk at Blaisdell and Franklin. I don’t know how it got to be on the sidewalk, and why it’s so flat and destroyed. Maybe dogs pick them up from the sides of roads while owners aren’t paying attention, and a few blocks later discover the gruesome prize in the dog’s mouth, then demand that the dog “Drop it. Now!” Every day more and more bones start to show through the deteriorating skin. I’m sure a lot of people notice that one. But, what can they do? Go home and get gloves, meander back to the spot and toss the flat, disgusting thing in a dumpster, to collect maggots, and ruin the neighborhood with flies, and rats, and other things that feed on flat, disgusting remains?

What do I have to gain by snapping a photo and putting them up on this “blog”? I’m no photography scientist, and my shots aren’t that artful. Eventually everything looks just like another still life of brown and grey. There’s rarely the bright red of arriving at the right place at the right time. Everything is left over. So, fuck it.

Although, I have a dream to road trip for a week and take photos of all the nasty shit along the side of the road. I was looking at all the dead raccoons along the side of the road on our way to Illinois. I think I saw a dead bear. Probably not. It’s not even bear country over there. Is it?
The logistical problem is this: How would you safely pull a car over, and walk along the side of the interstate in order to take photos of dead animals, killed at 80 miles her hour? Is that sort of thing even legal?

Even though it sounds silly, and simple, and obvious I’ve got a lot of dreams.

I want to make fake road kill, out of synthetic materials and put them out all over the city, then take photos of that. But, I don’t really know where to start for something like that, let alone how I could possibly finance that sort of project.

Anyway, I haven’t read these yet, but their presence on Google after searching “synthetic road kill” and “fake roadkill” indicates to me that no one has done that sort of thing……..and called it “synthetic road kill” or “fake roadkill.”

ABC’s TV Science- Catalyst: Road Kill Science
Miller-McClure Online: Divining the Secret of Deformed Road Kill

I swear to god that there are other things going on in my life. Like the State Fair. A whirlwind trip to Illinois. A few failed job prospects. Awesome video games. Good books. Excellent friends. Perfect biking weather. And a ton of movies.


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