I wanted to take a nap today but couldn’t, because it was raining so hard, and loudly. Instead I decided to lay on my belly and watch the rain. But the rain was coming down so hard, I couldn’t really see anything beyond my window screen. I went back to watching TV shows, and fell asleep for a few minutes to the sound of insipid character interplay.

(AND Taco Taxi wouldn’t deliver today. Why won’t they let me love them?)

When I finally left the house, I was surprised at my surprise to find out that the streets had flooded. I had understood that it was raining incredibly hard. I’d never seen the aftermath of cars floating down the street.
Even the liquor store flooded, and a mob of people, stranded by rain water, were upset to find themselves unable to buy booze.

Once the rain stopped, the sky was very lovely. And it was wonderful to be on my bike.
Still, I remain incredibly tired, and again ready for bed.

These are unattached to today.

From Galen


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