I miss the rains down in Africa

I’ve never been a park dweller. I don’t like being in places where a ton of people are gathered. Especially when they are all gathered for the same reason: world watching. There you are, sitting on a park bench, watching some homeless guy sleep, and there’s someone else across the park watching you watch that homeless man sleep, thinking what a freak YOU are.

I’ve recently had to reconsider my stance on parks. I live a short distance from a park in Minneapolis called Loring Park. As a delightful side note, I have to walk through the park to get to the post office, or to Utrecht if I want to buy art supplies. I can also walk through the park if I want a scenic route to downtown.
Sure, the park is right off of the freeway, but even the spaces under the freeway ramps are delightful, and packed with green grass and flowers. It’s really beautiful over there.

Today, on my way to the post office, I walked through the park. The walk was especially lovely, because it was raining a bit, and no one was around. I tried to take a video of the stillness and the beautiful silence, but it was windy, and that was all my new camera’s microphone would pick up.

Amidst all the stress of being broke, planning a wedding, and suffering a mild existential crisis recently, it was so perfect to stand in the middle of a soggy park, without socks on, and just listen.

And, from one of my favorite strangers, Kait Privitera, photographer extraordinaire (who will be photographing my wedding next month)


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