The weather here has just been beautiful. It’s spring, and everything is green in a way I haven’t seen since growing up in Lancaster. It’s just incredible. And dandelions! There are dandelions everywhere. And they are delightful.
In fact, let me introduce you to my new favorite spot in Minneapolis. Sure, it’s just a little hill on the corner of someone’s front lawn, but it’s just darling.

It was really rainy for a few days last week, which brought out all of these mushrooms. And a ton of worms.

I went on a walk through the park, and this squirrel chased me. I’m sure he wanted food, as I saw some guy feeding squirrels a little later, but I figured that maybe he wanted to play. Then I got worried that maybe squirrels play rough, and I wasn’t wearing socks or long pants, so I was a little nervous about my ankles. I’ve seen a lot of squirrels and birds playing together recently, so likely I wasn’t in any danger. Everything just wants to have a good time.

This week was a little cool, but very sunny, and perfect for bike riding. Aside from attending two yoga classes this week, I think I’ve ridden about 24 miles in the last two days. I’m beat! And my bike really really needs some tune up loving.

Some other things of note that I don’t feel like discussing, because I’m just taking a break from spring cleaning, which I don’t really want to do either, but if I get it done I can do some hardcore relaxing before work.


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  1. I’m happy that you’re happy. The fact that you described a little hill in someone’s yard as “darling” tells me so.

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