I am a banana.

Bob sent me a text the other night, “HUGE dead animal on the north sidewalk of 25th, just past Nicollet. I took a shitty iPhone picture for you.”


He was so excited, because I was excited. Adorable.

But, it was just that same squirrel from a few weeks ago. I guess that probably someone’s dog picked it up or something. It’s gone now. I’m sure someone called…whoever.

Someone else sent me a photo of a dead bird! How cool is that? It feels great when people participate in things, no matter what it is.

Here is what Jens says about it: “You can see how the bird’s body seems to be in perfect condition while the face is totally gone and so is the very top of the wings by the end of the feathers. It was really hot and muggy and there were no insects or maggots around.”

Niteroi / Rio de Janeiro, Brasil spotted around noon on 03.07.2009 close to the infamous MAC (Oscar Niemeyer)\

I saw this one at 24th and Grand.

You know what else I see around a lot?


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