To follow up yesterday, there was more. I took it as a sign to go take photos. Maybe that’s ridiculous. Nothing means anything, right? Taking photos of dead animals doesn’t mean anything, right?

Before I show you what I saw today, which is quite gruesome, and probably pushing the boundaries of things I feel comfortable taking and posting photos of, let me show you something adorable.

Bob took his lovely beard, and turned it into something else I love.

We love each other

He even walked around with me while I went back and took photos of what I saw today. I told him the route we were going to take (because every path I took in the past 24 hours lead to something dead), and he looked down and said “The map you have in your head is frightening.”

I feel an obligation to talk about why I started doing this. I know that it was at first about just showing everyone how often I came across dead animals in an urban area. But I guess it’s more than that.

One time I was walking home from work in Philadelphia, and I came across a puddle of blood on the sidewalk. It didn’t seem to be from a crime scene. It was the middle of the day, and there wasn’t anyone hurt nearby. I thought it was completely amazing, to see something like that. Not because it’s beautiful, or whimsical, or attached to anything sentimental–it was just blood. But, it was just so out of the ordinary to see. Things like that usually get cleaned up, wiped away, and hidden.
So, I went to the store and bought a disposable camera, vowing to use it to take pictures of every incredible thing I saw that day.

I didn’t see anything else incredible, and took pictures of me and my friends instead (which in it’s own right was incredible, I guess, if I want to be sentimental about it).

Maybe I feel the same way about these dead animals. I don’t want to be morbid about it, but it’s an amazing thing to see. I view death as this secret, quiet thing. And here are all these dead animals, silently violent in their own way. Fuck us, right? They’re dead, and they aren’t going to scurry away again.
It’s amazing to see.

Anyway, no matter how I explain it, what I say is only part of it.

But, then again, I don’t have to explain myself to you. Maybe you should explain to me why you’re looking at this dreadful shit.

22nd & Garfield Ave. S.

Nicollet & Pleasant

26th & Blaisdell

24th & Blaisdell: There was a dead rabbit here at 8:50a.m. this morning


One response to “More

  1. Why? Why are there so many dead animals? I forget.

    Because of you, I notice dead animals more often. Last night, Dan and I were having dinner over at Erin Broadhurst’s house and something hit the awning on her back patio and all I could picture was a dead squirrel. I like your posts. I like people who pay attention to detail.

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