It’s been a good week for friends and fun.

Bob and his first year MCAD grad class had an art show in the North East. All the work was really incredible. I didn’t take a picture of everything (not even Bob’s work!), what is my problem?
Following the reception, we went out for food and drinks.
I really wanted fish and chips, but I didn’t see it on the menu, so I ordered smelt fries. Because smelt is fish. And it was fried.
But, in my silly ignorance, I hadn’t realized that they made the smelt fries because smelt are small fish, and when fried, they look like fries.
Once I realized that I was eating tiny, whole fish (I could see the skin through the fried outer shell) I could no longer bear to eat it.

Have you done Chatroulette? I don’t care about what a bad rap it’s getting, that shit is hilarious. On Saturday, Morgan came over and we drank wine and played on Chatroulette.

Today, on my way to the store I was thinking about how I hadn’t seen anything interesting on the ground this week. Right as the thought left my brain a giant squirrel fell out of the tree in front of me and landed on the ground with a thud. It twitched, and died. I went back home to get my camera.
Where do all of these dead animal bodies go? I take their photos, and then in a day or so they are gone.
Who is picking up all of these carcasses, but leaving all of this garbage behind?


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