All of the city water smells and tastes like fish. I can’t take a shower. I had to buy bottled water.
Apparently it happens every spring, because the water we drink comes from the Mississippi river, and right now that contains all sorts of runoff from melting….lakes?
I was okay with that, until I found this comment on someone’s blog from 2008:

“hmmmm… is it fish? or is it the rotting smell of dead deer carcass? as the snow melts… exposing the slowly rotting flesh of the winters dead… which then finds it’s way… slowly oozing into the river from which you drink… stank.”

Last week it rained for a few days, and there were puddles everywhere. Everything smelled like worms. On a walk, I said to Bob that after taking all of these photos of dead animals, all the water on the ground makes me want to puke, because it’s all death water.

Have you ever seen Cabin Fever?


2 responses to “

  1. I LOVE that photo.

  2. icecreamsocialite

    I didn’t take it. I also have no idea who did. Sorry, boss.

    Hey, why isn’t my music thingy working?

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