A birdie with a yellow bill hopped upon the window sill cocked his shining eye and said “Ain’t you shamed you sleepy head?”

So, Corey Haim is dead.
I’ve been trying for a few minutes to write something meaningful about it, but I can’t. I enjoyed his early movies, and he looked good next to Corey Feldman. I loved watching The Two Coreys, even though it was totally pathetic. Especially when Haim cried once he heard he wasn’t going to be asked to be in Lost Boys 2: The Tribe.
His life was sad, and spoke to a sad, lonely, pathetic death in his apartment with nothing with a few thousand dollars and some clothes in assets.
I’d like to start a slow-clap across the internet for the boy who was Lucas (okay, so I can’t find the end of the movie ANYWHERE on the internet, but there is a fucking killer slow clap when Lucas opens his locker and finds his very own letterman jacket.)

This has nothing to do with the above.


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