This is worded poorly, but seriously I feel strongly about things

Today confirmed something I’ve known all along: I find the word “brave” to be extremely moving.

I don’t mean in terms of soldiers going to war, although I have my own song-based thoughts on that
(10 Track 10
I Hate Myself: To A Husband At War)

Although the act of going to fight for something that one believes in (if pure of heart) is brave, it just isn’t the kind of brave that makes me cry.

Children and animals being brave, or more precisely being TOLD to be brave makes my chest tighten up, and my jaw clench.

Wolf Parade- I’ll Believe In Anything

Although I guarantee that the song isn’t about anything near to what I am about to imagine for you, the story I’ve invented for the song makes the song one of my favorites ever, and I cry almost every time I hear it.
To me, the song is about two animals in love, who decide to disguise themselves as humans. They wear human clothes, and walk on two legs, and fall prey to all the pitfalls that trying to be a human presents.
(God, just thinking about it makes me start to cry.)
Some problems they face during their adventure are their exhibited naivety in the face of their decision to try to be human (hence the admission of the narrator to believe in anything, said with a twinge of remorse), and their ignorance of the human world (I imagine “If I could get the fire out from the wire,” to mean that they are trapped in a pen with an electric fence, having been caught and exposed as being animals and not human).

But, because the song takes place after their tragic adventure, the animal narrating the poem is at once jaded and resilient, having learned a few sad lessons about humanity, and at the same time trying to stay positive for his companion, “We’ve both been very brave, walk around with both legs. Fight the scary day. We both pull the tricks out of our sleeves.”

God, it’s just so beautiful, and sad.

Did I just write fanfic based on a song?

I don’t know what it is about being brave in the face of adversity that I find so beautiful, especially with regards to something so innocent as an animal or a child. There is no way that they can understand what exactly it means to be brave, but just imagining a kid/animal puffing out his chest and thinking of his heroes and putting on a strong face in a crisis is the most poignant. Ever.


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