Nerd Lines, Good Times

Bob taught me how to love a good nerd line. Luckily there has been no shortage of them here in Minneapolis. Just yesterday we went to gawk at a super sweet nerd line for the WWE Raw jamboree hosted by Mike Tyson. Because of the weather being so frigid, and the skyways being so numerous, there were hallways upon hallways of bellies, signs, and championship belts.

Actually, a lot of people wouldn’t let me take their picture, no matter how many stories I told. I even had to promise to some people that the photos wouldn’t end up on The Myspace. The thing is that nerd lines, while full of “nerds” are also full of fanatics and people who are truly passionate about what they are waiting in a gargantuan line to view. For that reason, I don’t feel badly about giving them a gentle ribbing. They’re having fun, I’m having fun, and we all should get along.
So, many thanks go out to that one kind stranger and his double-sided double signs, who allowed me to take not one, but two pictures of him. You truly are a king among men.

Outside of the tunnels of wrestling fans there was a dude preaching about God. In particular he was preaching to the guy across the street that was scalping tickets, and addressing him as “Mr. Ticket Scalper.” A policeman overheard and came over to give the scalper a ticket. What a freaking narc. Then he pretended not to notice the scalper getting hassled.

On the walk to the Target Center we saw a bunch of food on the ground. Not in the same place.
The bananas I thought were dog poop at first, but then they were bananas. I took a picture of them because they were frozen bananas under the freeway. But, apparently a passerby had the same first thought as I did, and frowned at me because he thought I was taking a picture of crap. Luckily, Bob decided to shout at him, “Don’t worry Sir, it’s not poop, it’s just bananas.”
That was a close one?

Along for the pseudo-photo-blogging ride are just some other cold weather images, and some photos from the beginning of my winter time photo series Snow, or Faux?

Snow, or Faux?

Snow, or Faux?

Snow, or Faux?

Snow, or Faux?


One response to “Nerd Lines, Good Times

  1. I just seriously LOLED because of this:

    -Luckily, Bob decided to shout at him, “Don’t worry Sir, it’s not poop, it’s just bananas.”
    That was a close one?-

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