We went to the museum today

**Update- Here is the rest of my day. Pizza and video games not expressed here, or following.

The MIA. It’s right next to Bob’s school, MCAD, but is not affiliated with it. We are pretty lucky in that we live within a 10 minute walking radius of three museums, even if one of them is just the Minnesota College of Art and Design.
Here is what we saw today.

High snow drifts blocking the main entrance!

Installation of a piece called Commuter

The video of the installation. It looked like a 1960's movie reel where they try to make it look like a train is moving.

Demian Hirst's The Death of St. John is what I want my home to look like

Cow Carcass

Bob really liked these drawn designs for a Modern French City

I thought they were alright, but felt so stark and empty because there were no people

But while he looked closely at them, I sat with my eyes closed and tried to imagine I was sitting in a square surrounded by this modern, French city

To me, it still revealed itself to be lonesome

Carousel Horses riding the fence

Now that I’m home I wish I had taken more pictures. So many.


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