It’s not too cold today. It’s eight degrees. It’s warmer than it was yesterday, and it makes the ice much more slippery. I saw a lot of cars with wheels spinning but not moving today.
I want to post more pictures, but I have misplaced my camera. I’m super bummed about that. Especially because it isn’t so much MY camera, as it is Bob’s camera. I’m sure it’s around here somewhere.
It was so cold on my walk home from work Friday night that Bob’s mustache froze, and my hair and hood froze where my breath had drifted by. We looked like arctic explorers.

I don’t really want to talk about my trip back East for the holidays. Sufficed to say that the weather was bad all around, and so there were a lot of delays and missed flights. Our final flight back was a standby flight, and Bob and I were placed in separate rows. A kind gentleman let me switch with him, which meant that I had to ride with some interesting cargo at my feet.

What I will say about back East is that it was good to be around people I understand, and who laugh about things. I miss home very much.

Also, I don’t give a good hell if Phở Hoa is a chain. It’s still freaking delicious. God damn.


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  1. I know I should laugh, but that picture of the bike makes me sad.

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