Half Day

Today is usually my day off, but I’m picking up a shift tonight because no one else would, and the girl who was supposed to work had a vacation scheduled. I had to help. Besides, it’s almost Christmas, and I could use a little extra cash to spend on friends, family, bums, and stray dogs. The shift doesn’t start until 6, so I effectively had a half day. I slept in, though the snow that fell and then melted, then helped Bob with some preparatory comic book stuff and then took a walk to Target to buy some goods.

I snapped some pictures on the way, and then on the way back I took a new route through the Loring Greenway, which made me feel like I was the only person in the world, and through Loring Park, where all the seagulls, squirrels and geese live in harmony. Usually I steer clear of Loring Park, because it’s usually night time when I happen by there, and it’s not really a safe place to be at night. But today was so fucking cold (excuse me), that even if it were night time no one would dare be hanging out there waiting for innocent people to rob and kill.
It’s so cold.

Anyway, there are some other pictures in there of a wonderful looking liquor store, an old liquor store, Jerusalem’s restaurant where they have the BEST shwarma and pita fries. On down the line there’s a picture of the Holidazzle Parade tent on the Nicollete Mall. It runs every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through Christmas. But it’s so cold out that they need tents for people to watch it from. Oh man. Bob and I were watching the RiffTrax for Batman and Robin, and someone mentioned that inside Mr. Freeze’s car (tank?) it was negative 50 degrees, and one of the RiffTrax dudes said “That’s Holidazzle weather!”
I totally got the joke. Glad I moved here.
A quick note about the name RiffTrax. That title involves a capitalization style called Camel Case, that some lover’s of language are getting upset about. They think that it’s ruining language by allowing businesses to make words into marketing symbols. I guess I understand, but I don’t think that it makes that much difference. What is interesting, though, especially regarding the article (and much of the discourse surrounding that article, and the whole Camel Case ordeal in general) is the history of word spacing. Get into it!
Moving on, there’s a photo of the Scientology building that lives on the Nicollete Mall, and that has the best window ever for wheat pasting a photo of Fox Mulder saying “I Want to Believe”. I need more loyal friends.
Other pictures include a shuffle board court in Loring Park, a horseshoe graveyard, and a path made by people who hate taking the scenic route.


One response to “Half Day

  1. When I come visit, can we please get a stress test and attend a dianetics seminar?

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