Almost, not quite

It was a big week here in Minneapolis. I’m sorry in advance about how creepy this is going to sound, but I made a vow to myself that I would be honest on this blog about life, and things. How can I ever expect to be a writer if I can’t, at times, open up my heart and be honest?

Actually, it was ALMOST a big week here in Minneapolis. I made my first Minneapolis Facebook friend (hi Morgan!). It made me wipe my brow with relief. I’m not a social leper after all. Surely one of the five or six of you (or maybe Kait is just looking at my blog 6 times a day) is shaking your head and saying “Facebook? Like that counts for anything!”
But, it does. At least somewhat.

What makes the week almost big is that I had made plans with some girls from the coffee shop to get some drinks today. I woke up kind of early this morning and contemplated whether or not I should bring my camera. I imagined snapping pictures over girl’s late, drunk lunch, and if these potential new friends would consider it totally dorky and laugh at me, or nerdy in that cool way and roll with it. After lunch, a little drunk, I would have come home and put the photos up for everyone to see, to give you all a break from my boo-hooing about being tired, or bored…
Alas, one of the girls (after my own heart, as I usually am the flake) bailed on the lunch date, and thus the other girl and I decided it was all or none.
I was surprised at my excitement this morning, and my subsequent disappointment this afternoon.

Still, I keep friends like dry goods. It’s nice to know they are there. I’m sure they hate being kept that way, though, so this time is probably a good exercise for me to take less things for granted.

But unfortunately, the most fulfilling time to relax is when you’ve broken plans to do so.

I didn’t take any pictures this week, but I’m putting up a few of the things I saw on the internetz this week. Maybe you will find my offbeat interests charming.

The first is a hyperrealistic sculpture by one of my favorite artists, Ron Mueck

The second is the cover of my new favorite comic Big Questions by Anders Nilsen, which Bob just introduced me to. You may or may not know (it doesn’t matter what you know about it) that I love stories about animals who think like people.
Sorry to frame it like that, butI hate the word anthropomorphic.
Regardless, it’s really touching and beautiful.
He also wrote this book called Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow, which chronicles his fiancee’s battle with cancer. I haven’t read it yet because I can’t even think about the title without tearing up.

The third are some pictures of decaying birds and the terrible contents of their bellies. Actually, I had planned on putting those photos up, but then I noticed that they are also on the October 22 entry on Anders Nilsen’s blog….twinsies!

The fourth is the cover of a graphic novel called Stitches which made Publisher’s Weekly’s top 10 books of the year. Yes, written by a man, just like every other author on the list. But cut them some slack! The book is so so so good and unnerving. Haunting, I guess.


4 responses to “Almost, not quite

  1. That sculpture is awesome. Cut me some slack, I may look at your blog TWICE a day depending on my activities.

    A lot of people find my blog by searching “Michael Jackson mask” I’m glad I can be part of the chaotic mess that is Google and the interweb.

  2. Stitches looks interesting, I may be wandering through the comic shop downtown to pull a copy from the shelves or employ their order system.

    • icecreamsocialite

      It’s good, really good. But I had some trepidations about spending $30 on it. Sometimes one-time reads are like that.
      You should also check out Black Hole by Charles Burns. That’s my favorite one-shot books to tell people about.

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