New Obsession.

The train goes like this

(subsequently Kniferisms & Forkerisms)

Also, there are Malapropisms, an example of which is when, on the Office, Michael Scott says “She cut off her nose to spiderface.” Spiderface is a malapropism.

We used to have this book called Sniglets around when I was a kid. No duh.

Language is so awesome.

I also realized that Patsy Cline’s “I Fall To Pieces” was played for me after I saw the movie E.T. and apparently I hadn’t heard the word “pieces” until I heard the brand name Reese’s Pieces, and so that song will forever remind me of E.T. I can’t believe that a candy taught me a word, or taught me of a word.

I also used to think that my last name, Davison, reminded me, or made me think of either a medicine cup, or the word “medicine cup”.

Kids are craaaazzzzyyyyy.


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