summer redux

It was a beautiful week and weekend here in Minneapolis. The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining, and I actually found myself glowing after short walks in only a sweater.
As always, I wish I had spent more time outside this week and weekend, but I am so beat by the end of the workday that I just become a total blob. I guess I didn’t really have an excuse on saturday, but I did clean the house and listen to some This American Life. Also, I finally got around to listening to Chris’ Halloween mix, which was pretty darned righteous.
My stupid burn is almost healed. (Kait, it was totally avoidable as an accident, which is rare with water. This one is actually from the top of the toaster oven.)
I realize now how bad of a burn it really was. I understand that taking a picture of it, and likewise making everyone I run into look at it, is admission that I have always thought it was a bad burn, but the day that I burned my hand I found myself playing it much cooler than I needed to. I really felt awful that day.
It reminded me of this time at the after school program in elementary when I tried to do a backward summersault, with no mat, on the gym floor. I hit my head so hard, but tried to play it cool so I didn’t look like some total idiot who hurt themselves in a totally avoidable accident.
Old habits and all…
Here are some photos from this week, including totally unnecessary photos of my burn on Wednesday and then today.
Also, KISS was in town. Seriously.


One response to “summer redux

  1. I feel bad that I just laughed at your backward somersault incident. I’m in the Tech Center and laughed out loud, I’m so badass.

    But that really sounds like something I’d do. When I was younger, my brother or just friends of my mine would usually exit our front door and run and jump off the porch onto the ground. It secretly sent a shocking pain from my feet through my shins when I did that but I never wanted to admit it. I would always pause, clench my teeth, and just suck it up and jump. After awhile I said “screw it” and hung out with Saves The Day because I was through with being cool.

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