world series week

this does not include our trip to Philly over the weekend. I don’t know why we didn’t grab the camera. There are no pictures of me in my costume. Not that it was a good one. Lea was nice enough to paint me up like a lovely skeleton, but it was a totally lazy Halloween. It was alright, but it was no Breakfastface (which is discontinued now, by the way! Total drag.)
Michelle’s wedding was beautiful, and the dinner was good. The halloween party at the old house was a very good time, and it was great to see my friends. I was surprised, however, at how happy I was to be back with my things, in my own bed, in our own apartment. It was a happy revelation.
Anyway, the Phillies are about to win game 5, and I’m about to finish some laundry. Enjoy looking at my delicious salad, Bob’s silly face, me snoozing, game snacks, and my gruesome burn.


One response to “world series week

  1. Hot water burns at the new job?

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