I can admit that there’s been a little bit of a funk lately, seeping into my otherwise friendly, lively, sunny disposition and making me feel blue. But, I’m not ready to admit defeat.
One thing, and then another. We’ll all live to see the summer.

The Soap Factory’s Haunted Basement was the highlight of this week. Although neither Bob nor I were one of the 68 people who in the 6 days since the basement had opened said the safe word (“uncle”) to be released from the basement’s horrifying depths, nor were we one of the 2 who wet themselves that night, or the 3 who threw up, we enjoyed it immensely.
The rooms were a little small, and so it was hard to take everything in- everyone was moving so fast because they were scared!- the attention that the artists had paid to the details was incredible. And the smells made the whole experience extremely visceral.

Bob and I made the silly decision to walk all the way to the Soap Factory in north Minneapolis from our home in the southernish area. I guess it’s only three miles.
Anyway, I had never seen the skyline of Minneapolis at night before. The walk was worth it. Even in cowboy boots. We got to walk over the Mississippi river on a beautiful bridge, down stream of Minneapolis’ version of the Ben Franklin.
I have to apologize for the photos. We need a new camera.


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  1. I’ve been feeling a little funky lately too. And can’t really pinpoint the cause. It’s probably the cold, and the rain, and just the overall grey. I’m jealous of your haunted house. I need a good scare.

  2. Oh, and I don’t pay for my blog.

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