audience everywhere

Today was a wonderful day off, except that when I got home from running errands I realized that I didn’t even get the things that I had left the house for. I can’t believe it. Maybe I should have gone back out to get said items, but I was so hungry, and the tacos I had gotten were so warm, and after eating the tacos the couch was so inviting, and the thought of a nap was so welcoming….the mixtape exhange at the Walker isn’t until next week anyway, so I guess I didn’t really need ….whatever.
A mixtape exchange. How awesome is that? I did spend a lot of today looking around for a store with old encyclopedia and reference books from the 70’s and 80’s, but no luck.
I also bought five mustaches with delightful names such as: pirate, colonel, vicar, sergeant, and alf for a dollar a piece.
Photo 138
At another store I found a sweet display of 1990’s Nike shoes.

But no books. What am I going to use to make mixtape covers?

I had this strange epiphany at the coffee shop last week, while I was doing a shitty job mopping: I’ve become lazy in my work.
I know, it’s just a coffee shop job, but when did I start to cut corners? Maybe I’ve just never not cared about something so much. I do care about the income, because I care about my life here with Bob, but I’m having a hard time translating that care into care about all the details of this job.
This weird thing happens sometimes, though, and I’m certain that it has more to do with thinking that people think about me all the time than paranoia, but sometimes when I’m at work doing an excessively poor job I wonder if I’ve become part of a preexisting experiment to see how long it takes a new employee to start to slough off responsibility. Of course that isn’t the case, but I’m sure that the notion speaks to a deep concern that I am going to get caught being lazy. How embarrassing that would be…ugh.
I’m just so done with this part of my life, working shitty jobs for low wages. I miss my office, and my office mate. It’s not forever, right?
In other news, we’re going to Philly next weekend. I can’t wait to see everyone, although I don’t have a costume yet. I wanted to be Breakfast Face, but the mask isn’t available yet. Blast.

I wish we had been in town for the win against Los Angeles on Wednesday night. Last year I didn’t give a damn about baseball until it seemed that we would make the series. But this year it’s been different. The team and the wins mean more to me now that I’m not there. But, enough about missing Philly.
We’re going to the Soap Factory tonight for it’s annual halloween haunting. Apparently it’s super scary, and this year they have smells that accompany the scares. I can’t wait.
Here are some things I saw today, notice how the city is so flat that you can literally see for blocks and blocks, also note the house with teeth, the leaf change gradient, and some of the sweetest graffiti and mural art



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