I read another manuscript in a day. I am a fast reader. It makes me really tired. It’s like a super power that drains my energy. This second one was better than the first. But the first half of the first one was better than the first half of the second. I don’t think I’d recommend either of them, but I’ll save my reasons for my reader’s reports.
The weather has been simply awful. Saturday, the day of the marathon was nice, though. A good day for all of those folks to run 26 miles…if there is ever a good day to participate in such madness.
I want to update more, but I’ve been too tired. It’s like mono, but not mono. Bob said once that I don’t know how to work easy. I was thinking about how working is a hobby for me. I find it fulfilling, and something that I can really pour myself into and be myself while I am doing it. Maybe that’s not accurate. Maybe I just like to work so much so that I don’t write. Oh well, that’s not for today.
In any case, after reading all day I really really want to just watch TV. Not even a movie. Just TV. Episodes of 30 Rock, mostly. Ahhhh.
Our radiators make this awful squealing noise.
We drove by a building the other day that looked to me, at the time, to be the color of an understated beige (if you can understate beige), and sticking out from the side of the building, raised, was the name of the building: Minnesota Varnishes.
To me, it was as if the name of the building was so faint, that I wanted to go back to the building and somehow make the R disappear so that the words would read Minnesota Vanishes.
I saw the building again today, and the color of the name and the color of the building were not as exact as I remember, so the visual isn’t as neat, but I want to use the phrase and image in something at some point. It’s such a small piece of something nonexistent. Why remember it?
In other news the first Vook was published today. Why make it?



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