What a world

It’s a horrible weather sort of day. It’s windy, rainy, and terribly cold. I’ve shut all of the storm windows, and the building manager has turned on the heat. Summer is officially over. The worst so far is waiting at the bus stop on internship mornings, but I’m certain that next monday it will be the bike ride to my early shift at the coffee shop that will pull ahead as the worst.
Today is technically my day off, and so I’ve been watching shows on Hulu and making sure that I’m super tucked in on the couch and covered in blankets. I’m really trying to hit full maxing status while I can because I’ve been asked to go into work to cover a shit for a girl who is sick. Everyone is getting sick, and everyone keeps talking about H1N1. It pisses me off because Swine Flu sounds way cooler.

Tomorrow begins my third day at the internship. The routine is comforting: get up at 7am, catch the bus at 8:07am, transfer buses at 8:33am and get dropped off at the corner of Washington and 10th Ave at 8:45am. On the way home the first bus is always late, but I’m home before six, with enough time to eat and relax a little while before heading to work at 7pm.
If you know me, then you know that I am going to love these big long days, and love just as equally my days off.
So far (not very far at all really), the internship has been good. The office is quiet, probably because the acoustics are such that you can hear anything someone says from across the office. No one likes a room full of eavesdroppers.
The building is absolutely beautiful. I’ve got to get some pictures. Every floor has high ceilings, with rafters, so ever floor looks like a loft. The first floor houses a coffee shop, classroom space for binding, printmaking, and typesetting courses. There is also a paper goods shop.
The second floor has the Target Hall (everything is owned by Target in Minneapolis), and the Loft- which offers classes on writing, fellowships for writers, grants, etc. It also has a really nice lobby where I go with the other editorial intern to eat lunch.
Milkweed is on the third floor, along with classroom spaces for courses that the Loft offers.
Every floor, and every room has really nice wooden floors, and exposed brick, windows, high ceilings. It’s really a wonderful space to work in.
As far as the work load goes, I’ve already gone through a manuscript from the slush pile and determined that it would not be a good fit for the press. Tomorrow I begin making copyeditors changes to a manuscript, which will then be sent to the typesetter. It’s really pretty exciting so far. The manuscript I am going to be working with starting tomorrow is called Orion You Came and You Stole All My Marbles, which I imagine may have something to do with the Barry Manilow song Mandy, because the title can be sung to the tune. We’ll see.
It’s due to be on shelves Spring 2010, and I can’t wait to see something that I helped “make” out for sale by the public. Totally awesome. Also, the author recently served as the assistant to Don Delillos agent!

Bob’s mom and sister are coming in to town tomorrow because Bob’s sister, Susan, is going to run the marathon on Sunday. Unfortunately I have to work both tomorrow and Sunday. Luckily I don’t have to work Saturday, because Susan has invited me to go see her favorite band ever. Hanson.

Also, we picked out our linens for the wedding, Bob bought me these awesome Back to School socks to commemorate my first internship day, and I’m worried about getting sick so I’m drinking a concoction of hot water, apple cider vinegar, honey, and cayenne. But I just ate a bunch of ice cream, so I’m entering some rough belly waters, so I should probably chill out on the drink.


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