Tired. I am so tired. The weather is cold today. Not coldish, or cooler. It is cold. A girl at work reassured me that it’s still 90 degrees warmer than it will be. Ugh.
I could hear the wind from my warm, safe, comfy spot in bed this morning. The ride to work was windy, but nice. I’ve been taking the new cruiser, Andy Capp, to work. The ride is smooth and wonderful, but sitting up so much actually makes my lower back hurt a little bit. That bike is so beautiful, though. Totally worth it. There are leaves all over the ground, and it’s neat to see my big, fat tires kick them up, all around me.
I was thinking again today about Hot Tub Tony. I respect a nickname that retains the original name, I’ve decided. Now that I’ve settled my feelings, I’m over it. Good bye, and good luck Tony.

After work today Bob and I went to Azia to get some sushi, and as it turns out, some wine. They were switching to their fall wine menu, so they were selling all of their bottles of wine for about a third of the price. I spent all of my Monday tips on wine and sushi. But seriously, I bought a bottle of red wine, 2002, from the Pope’s vineyard. I assume it’s been blessed. During the fancy sip-taste I remarked that it was musky, and delightful. The waiter responded that it was “Quite like the Pope, himself.” Today was a good day. But, now that I am making much less than I was, I can’t keep treating myself to sushi, wine, clothes, and everyday Chipotle.
Added to the list of things I hate hearing people say now (I didn’t find a bag of gold, Can I get some ‘za?, etc.), resulting from working various jobs is: “Can I get a drip?” As in, “Can I get some drip coffee?” Just say the extra word. Seriously. It makes the difference between my day being OK, or being cringeworthy.

I’m including a photo of this creepy velvet painting that is hanging above the basement stairs at work. A photo with the lights on, and a photo with the lights off. One is creepy, the other is creepier.


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  1. At least you look really pretty.

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