The weather over the course of this past week has changed from perfect summer weather to perfect camping weather. It’s been drizzling and cool, and overcast. Really pretty perfect, if you ask me. Especially for sleeping, and using flannel sheets. I knew they were a good investment. In the mornings, however I can feel the shy pinch of winter. It makes me nervous.
I’m really pumped about Halloween, and going to the haunted house at The Soap Factory (http://www.startribune.com/entertainment/dining/11503071.html) looks like it’s going to the the highlight of this year’s festivities.
About a half hour north of here is the little town Anoka, which apparently is the the Halloween Capital of North America. I don’t think we’ll get out this year, but maybe next year.

Today Bob and I walked up the Nicolette Mall to Washington and over to Big Brain Comics (which is on the same block as Milkweed Editions, so I’ll be buying comics three days a week until the end of January) to pick up the books we’ve been neglecting to keep up on. It’s a really lovely walk, although once we got off of the mall the area seemed pretty deserted.
On the mall, however, we caught a glimpse of the elusive Pedal Pub!

The area of Washington where we spent time today is called the Mill District, and I have got to go back with a real camera. The architecture in this city is so incredible. Bob and I have decided it’s because the city is much newer than Philadelphia, so no one really gives a shit about tearing one thing down to put something else in it’s place. I’ve got to snag a photo of the library. It’s just beautiful.


2 responses to “Fall

  1. Pedal Pub?? That’s awesome. Tell them to come ride on down by my house, for I’m too lazy to get out of bed today. I’ve been sick, and this fall weather is the only thing that’s making it better. Fall is the time where you can breathe easy and wear flattering clothes, no?

    Post more pictures!

  2. Hey Courtney:

    I’m finally reading your blog. Besides enjoying your observations I remembered that I really liked living in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, though, the area has torn down some beautiful things to make room for the skyway and Nicolette Mall. The Metropolitan building was really gorgeous; it had glass floors to let light in. I hope the Foshay Tower is still around, and you should visit it when you get a chance. I’ll leave other crappy and avuncular observations when I get the chance.

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