I left the house yesterday to buy a cherry Icee. Our local Icee distributor is a large and peppy gas station called SuperAmerica. I try to say the name as often as possible, so everything in our neighborhood is relative to the SuperAmerica. We live “sort of across the street from SuperAmerica,” I work “down the road from SuperAmerica,” there are always crust punks asking for change “outside of SuperAmerica.”
On the way to SuperAmerica yesterday I saw two dead animals. I was greeted immediately outside of our building by a dead squirrel and within view of SuperAmerica I saw a decimated mouse. In Philadelphia it was dead pigeons, always, everywhere. Here it’s squirrels and mice. I’ve seen more mice running around in the streets here already than I ever saw of rats in Philly.
Oh, and dead bees, everywhere.
I always want to take pictures of the dead things I see, but as I am no photographer I feel like it would just be gruesome and not as interesting as I’d like. I’d have to write “I’m not a creep, I promise,” at the bottom of every picture in indelible marker.

Later in the day, after feeling nasty vice grip of having no money or friends (yet) I decided to go to the sculpture garden by the Walker Museum. It’s a very beautiful place that is sort of reminiscent of the shrub maze from the end of the shining. Bob and I have walked through it a few times, namely to catch the shuttle bus to the state fair, but this was the first time that I really looked at things.
The most touching sculpture in the garden was this grouping of what I had thought initially to just be a series of marble benches, but upon closer inspection I found them to each have something unnerving written across the face of the bench.
My favorite was:
You should limit the number of times you act against your nature, like sleeping with someone you hate. It’s interesting to test your capabilities for awhile, but too much will cause damage.

The artist had this to say about her work:
I [used] a moderate, average voice and language because I thought it would match the subject, which was every day events that just happened to have some kink to them. The writings described these events and then offered some sociopolitical observations of absurdities.

With regards to her statement, perhaps the best one is:
After dark it’s a relief to see a girl walking toward or behind you then you are much less likely to be assaulted.

On the way home I bought taco fixings and saw some Juggalos. Once home it was back to the couch.


I would like to leave you with this


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